SGADS PKG for Harley Davidson® Street Glide Models through 2013



The SGADS-PKG is a combination package of 2 different GADS products put together at a discounted price sent in a single box. As a package, they work as a set to deliver a better, more comfortable riding experience at a lower overall price.

Installation Instructions     View Colors

Installation Instructions     View Colors


SGADS for Harley Davidson® Street Glide Models through 2013

SGADS is a deflector for street glides using the standard fork mount turn signal/ bracket system.
This set of deflectors wrap around the turn signals on the front of the Street Glide rerouting much of turbulence around the rider.
GADS deflectors are designed to relieve the worst of the perceived hammering turbulence experienced by the riders, but not totally move all of the air away from the rider, That is what cars are for.


Lower Triple Tree Deflector

GADS LTTD is a new, patented air deflector for all Road King, Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Road Glide Touring Platforms from Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Fits through 2013 Harley models.

GADS LTTD redirects the air from under your Lower Trible Tree down onto your motor, helping you to enjoy your riding experience.
The linear wing approach that GADS LTTD has taken assures that substantially more of the wind and turbulence flowing under the headlight and triple tree, is rerouted down onto your motor, giving you a calm and more comfortable ride.


The bolts that hold the GADS LTTD on are 1/4’x20tpi. The triple tree is pre-drilled to accept the included bolts. If there is much resistance when screwing in the bolts you probably need to chase the threads out with a 1/4-20 tap to remove any obstruction on threads. (paint, rust, etc.)

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