GADS 001 for Harley Davidson® RoadGlide 2004 – 2013


Glide Air Deflector System GADS is a new patent-pending approach to a comfortable RoadGlide experience. The turbulence that you feel on your face, chest and torso is dramatically reduced and redirected. Many RoadGlide owners spend lots of money buying expensive replacement windshields trying to find relief from the aggressive buffeting which is the effect caused by the RoadGlide Ultra fairing. Testing has proved, it is not the wind coming over the windshield beating you up, but the wind that comes up from under the sides of the fairing past the turn signals that is abusing the rider with extremely turbulent air. If you have ever put your feet on the top of your crash bars at highway speed you have some idea how well GADS will work for you.

GADS mount to the fairing support bracket between the inner fairing and the fairing support bracket with a virtually invisible mounting system.(Will fit older RoadGlides if using updated turn signals and relocated upper fairing.)


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Glide Air Deflector Systems is not affiliated with Harley Davidson Motorcycles®.


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