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Glide Air Deflector System (GADS) for Harley Davidson® Touring Models

The development of GADS began with the understanding that the Road Glide’s® fixed fairing would give me enhanced protection against wildlife impacts. I have hit a few deer in my 40 years and approximately 600,000 miles of riding and I’m not ready to stop riding….. I needed a fix. The handlebar mounted fairing on an Electra Glide® will often turn sideways upon impact and catapult the rider to the ground, while a fixed fairing will remain stable allowing you to stop and assess the damage.

The Road Glide® is an excellent bike for performance and handling but unfortunately, there is a significant problem with wind and turbulence. I looked at all of the options available and was disappointed. This being said I was not ready to give up the excellent wind protection that my Electraglide® had given me all these years, I needed a solution.

I took my Road Glide® for a good long ride to understand exactly what the turbulent air problem was, and the process needed to fix it. I found that contrary to popular belief the windshield is not the problem, but that the blast of turbulence was coming from around the turn signals, under the fairing, up across the tank, and ending by coming into the chest and face of the rider. Anybody who has put their feet up on the engine guard and held them tight to the tank while riding this model at speed can attest to this.

I have many years of experience in plastics and fabrication so I decided to take this task on for myself. The appropriate material was chosen to create a rough prototype (polycarbonate plastic.) I then worked on various experimental shapes, sizes, and mounting systems. I was delighted with the preliminary results. I took the bike to a friend who owns a couple of large Harley dealerships to have him take a look. After riding my FLTR he came back and pronounced that everyone who owns and rides a Roadglide® needs to have a pair of these and that I needed to perfect, patent, and market them. That was then, this is now… We have expanded our deflectors to include Electra Glide Harley Davidson® models as well.

It has been important to me to keep them simple, effective, extremely durable, and reasonably priced. You will find that GADS are easy to install using the existing hardware and do not mar your motorcycle.

I believe you will find that GADS outperforms all other deflectors available and that GADS will also enhance their performance.

NOTICE: GADS #001 is only compatible with Road Glide® models.

After many requests from our customer base we have expanded our lines to various other Harley Davidson® models

Glide Air Deflector Systems is not affiliated with Harley Davidson Motorcycles®.