GADS RGB Installed by customer

GADS RGB for 2015 and up Road Glide Deflector by Tom F.

Just installed, what a difference! Air from under the tank is not an issue. Glasses don’t shake, jacket not blowing around at my waist. Windy day, 12 mph, gusts to 18. I was having issues with my 10 long ride shield, this cleared it up! Awesome product!

GADS Review by Gary ‘bogie’ Bogolin

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While looking around to find a device to stop the annoying wind buffeting that pushes my beard forward and into my mouth and rattles my goggles, I found a small aftermarket manufacturer making items to control the wind that comes thru behind your fairing, over the front fender, blowing over the tank.

This review is on Glide Air Deflector System products 003 and LTTD (Product Package #3). Both items are made from custom shaped polycarbonate. The specific items tested were light smoked material. Both are amazingly simple to install. A couple of easily accessible bolts for each panel and you’re done.

GADS 003 mounts on the forks, utilizing the bolts that mount the fairing and passing lamps. The angled shape of the deflector works with the fairing wind-wing to direct a major portion of the air that would otherwise come under the fairing off to the side. Forcing the air flow to the side reduces the turbulence that is experienced in the saddle. I have HD tie-down brackets installed in the same locations – the GADS 003 works fine with no modification. The light smoke poly makes these devices nearly invisible.

The LTTD (Lower Triple Tree Deflector) mounts under the triple tree, utilizing the threaded holes in the casting. This mounts in the location where the HD chrome dish would mount. Directing air flow coming in above the fender and under the triple tree down, instead of letting it crash into the front of the tank and being forced up into your face. While reducing the turbulence experienced by the rider, it also serves to direct more air toward the engine – which can never hurt an air-cooled engine. The design and fit of the GADS LTTD does a better job of redirecting the air flow than the HD dish because the LTTD fits between the forks with a more exacting contour (as opposed to the rounded dish) and has a more dramatic lip, forcing the air further down. Again, being the light smoke material, it is nearly invisible as well. Actually like the looks of this better than the dish – who needs chrome where it’s rarely seen and hard to keep clean. Costs less to boot. When installed together, the 003 and LTTD reduce the turbulence felt in the saddle in excess of 50%. An economical way to make the rider more comfortable. Less buffeting means less fatigue and discomfort from glasses being moved around and, of course, the beard behaves better. GADS 003 will fit Electra Glides & Road Kings through 2013, except Street Glides and models with the Custom Auxiliary Lighting Kit.